The Story

balloon_gentleman_profileThere once was a gentleman fond of hot air balloons. He dedicated most of his time developing and flying them. He was a well mannered, well dressed and respected individual in his community. He used his hot air balloons for good, such as transporting those in need of care to hospitals, distributing food for the needing, helping cats from trees and saving damsels in distress. Whether the ladies found themselves in distress just to be saved by the gentleman remains unknown.

Everyone loved The Ballon Gentleman, as he was called by the villagers.
Well, everyone except Ballon Gentlemans arch-rival Fritz von Zepflug. Zepflug is a vile scoundrel who only has his own interests at heart. He had designed a flying war machine for himself. Fritz von Zepflug used it for evil things, such as putting cats in trees and robbing banks. The Balloon Gentleman has put an stop to his arch-rival raids every so often. Fritz von Zepflug has sworn his revenge on Balloon Gentleman.

One sunny day when Balloon Gentleman was about to open the door to his workshop, everything went black. Later he woke up in a strange world riding his trusty blue hot air balloon…

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